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L.A.S. ou P.A.S. = autograph letter signed or autograph document signed
L.S. ou P.S. = letter signed or document signed (text by an other hand or typed)
L.A. ou P.A. = autograph letter or autograph document, non signed


Founded in 1978 by Thierry BODIN, Les Autographes specializes in autograph letters and manuscripts and historical documents from the Middle Ages to the present day.

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Manuscript on the Military Art, written at Sainte-Hélène

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Maurice RAVEL
Manuscript of "Le Cygne" melody
Approximately every other month is published a fixed price catalogue in which 300 documents are proposed, from all fields and at all prices. It is a sample of a stock of over 15,000 documents of different periods, expertly appraised and carefully described and analysed, dealing with a variety of subjects : history, literature, sciences, travel, philosophy, religion, fine arts, music, theater, etc.

Unique narratives, original and authentic letters, manuscripts and documents, written or signed by the great creators or the men and women who have made history, await you at Les Autographes.

Les Autographes also organizes under the direction of Mr. Thierry BODIN, an expert of world-wide reputation, public auctions of autographs.

Les Autographes undertakes the authentication and appraisal of autographs, isolated or in collections, for inheritances, payments in kind, exhibits, sales, etc.

Thierry BODIN is :
Member of Syndicat Français des Experts Professionnels
Member of the Trade association of antiquarian and modern bookstores (SLAM)

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